The Course

18 HOLES | PAR 72

Combing quality standards in maintenance with the finest design elements, the Sundale Country Club course appeals to the true golf enthusiast. A lasting testament to this great golf course is that members and non-members look forward to playing it round after round.


Complimenting the golf course is a newly renovated clubhouse and a fully equipped practice facility, practice greens, chipping areas, a driving range, and a Pro Shop featuring a full range of golf equipment.


David Bolar, our Golf Director is a PGA golf professional. He has over 30 years of experience in golf course management and teaching. David provides individual and group golf lessons and also manages our Pro Shop.

Hole 1
Par 4, Handicap 7 / 5

Sloping fairway allows off-line balls to find the center for your second shot. Fairway is lined with large Eucalyptus and pine trees. Your approach shot will need to negotiate the two large bunkers in front to find a two level green. It is important to get your ball on the correct level.

Hole 2
Par 5, Handicap 17 / 9

Slight dogleg to the right with large Eucalyptus trees on the right and pines on the left. Keep drive left of center to allow a straight shot to this reachable par 5. Green is long and narrow and can be surprising quick when putting towards the front of the green.

Hole 3
Par 4, Handicap 5 / 7

A bunker on the left protects cutting this dogleg. Aim for the palm trees at the right side of the green and you should find the center of the fairway.

Hole 4
Par 4, Handicap 15 / 13

This is the tightest hole on the course. Again, large Eucalyptus trees line the right side and pines on the left. The green slopes steeply from back to front, again making your misses short better than long. Two bunkers protect the front of the green.

Hole 5
Par 5, Handicap 13 / 3

Slight dogleg right. Watch out for a hidden finger of the fairway bunker on the right. Green protected by bunkers on left and right. Going long is not advisable on this back to front sloping green.

Hole 6
Par 3, Handicap 3 / 15

This par 3 plays a bit longer than the yardage, as it almost always plays into a breeze that you don’t feel on the tee because of the homes surrounding the hole.

Hole 7
Par 4, Handicap 1 / 1

Straight away par 4, pines on the left and Eucalyptus trees on the right. Watch out for water on the left on your approach shot. Balls hitting left of the green may roll all the way down to the water. The green is protected with a bunker on the front right and on the right. A very small green with severe breaks in the back left corner.

Hole 8
Par 3, Handicap 9 / 17

Par 3 with a very large green. Tee shot requires a carry over water to a green protected by bunkers both left and right. Green is very steep in the rear, sloping towards the front. Try not to be above the hole.

Hole 9
Par 4, Handicap 11 / 11

Dogleg right. Don’t over cut the corner, as you can find yourself in a grove of Eucalyptus trees and no shot to the green. Keep ball left of center for a mid to short iron into the green. There is out-of-bounds right of the bunker.

Hole 10
Par 4 / 5, Handicap 2 / 12

Longest hole at Sundale. Usually plays into the prevailing wind and will take two great shots to reach this green. Stay left of the large redwood tree that protects the right side of the green and the bunkers in front and on the left side of the green.

Hole 11
Par 3, Handicap 6 / 16

A great par 3, protected by a bunker on the left. The green has a false front, requiring balls to land towards the middle of the green. If the pin is in front, coming up short often makes the hole easier than putting down the steep slope and finding your ball rolling out of the green. Speed and break of putts to the front part of this green can be treacherous.

Hole 12
Par 4, Handicap 8 / 6

A wide par 4 with Cottonwood trees down the right and pines on the left. The green plays a bit shorter than the yardage and balls landing deep in the green can easily go long as parts of the rear portion of the green slope away from the center.

Hole 13
Par 4, Handicap 10 / 8

Plays bit longer than the actual yardage as it plays into the wind and the green is elevated. Two large pines down the right side can block your approach to this green. Bunker on the front left and right will catch any stray shots.

Hole 14
Par 5, Handicap 16 / 10

Tee shot must thread its way down a narrow slot between two bunkers. Once negotiated, keep the ball left of the Camphor trees on the right side of the fairway. Green is large, flat and well protected by a front left bunker and a long bunker on the right. Missing to the right will require a creative way to thread your way under the branches of the trees and over the bunker.

Hole 15
Par 4, Handicap 12 / 14

After carrying your tee shot over a lake and between the two bunkers that guard the left and right sides of the fairway, you need to negotiate a front bunker which guards 75% of the green. The green is very narrow from front to back, with a the front half sloping to the front and the rear of the green sloping away from the fairway. A difficult green to hit.

Hole 16
Par 4, Handicap 4 / 2

Don’t go long. Narrow fairway, protected by a bunker on the right and a carry over water on your approach shot makes this a difficult hole. The right side is lined with Cottonwood trees and beyond that is a lake starting at 235 yards off of the tee. A very steep slope behind the green makes getting up an down nearly impossible. Did I say DON’T GO LONG?

Hole 17
Par 3, Handicap 18 / 18

Par 3 over water. Bunker protects the whole front of a wide, but not too deep green. Club selection is critical. The right side of the green plays a half club longer. Try to gauge the wind correctly, as any balls coming up on the bank short may roll back into the lake.

Hole 18
Par 5, Handicap 14 / 4

Great finishing hole. A reachable par 5, with water in front. Fairway lined on the left with pine trees. The occasional pine on the right can block an attempt at the green. A ball over the back of the green will leave you with a difficult chip. Green is protected with a bunker on the front left and to the right side.